Thu 03 December 2020

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About Neighbourhood Watch

Tackling crime isn't just a job for the police. As a resident you will probably know your street pretty well. Even if you don't know them closely, you probably know who lives at which property, whether that's a young family, someone living on their own, an elderly person etc. As well as knowing the people, you probably have a good idea of what's 'normal' in your street in terms of comings and goings and when something is wrong. Neighbourhood Watch is a way of using that knowledge and awareness to help keep your home and your street safer.

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) brings residents together and aims to:
  • Help residents to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in their street.
  • Support the police and others to reduce crime.
  • Encourage people to be good neighbours.
  • Make sure that vulnerable residents are identified and supported by other residents.
  • Reassure local residents.
  • Improve the quality of life for local residents.

NHW is about:
  • Supporting people to take simple steps to prevent crime.
  • Helping people to be more resilient when crimes do happen.
  • Talking and sharing information.
  • Reporting incidents and concerns.
  • Doing things that encourage ‘good neighbourliness’.
  • Helping the police and other agencies with information.