Thu 03 December 2020

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How to become a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Before applying for the role of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Coordinator there are a number of things that you will need to think about like:
  • The role and responsibilities (you can find information using the links on this page).
  • How much time you will be able to give as a coordinator.
  • How you will choose to stay up to date with news.
  • How often you will contact other members in your scheme.
  • How you will respond when members of your scheme approach you with questions or need your advice.
  • Other people in your scheme that you may want to approach to you help you with specific things (e.g. arranging community events; co-ordinating meetings etc).

Applying to be a coordinator

To find out more about becoming a NHW Coordinator contact the volunteer team by email or telephone 01803 218180.

Please note that the team is run by volunteers so there may be a slight delay in responding to your enquiry.

If you do want to apply to be a Coordinator the team will send you an application pack.