Thu 03 December 2020

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NEIGHBOURHOOD is not the only kind of watch scheme.

Devon  and  Cornwall  Community  Watch  Association  takes care of

BOAT Watch, FARM Watch, HORSE Watch, CHURCH Watch, CARAVAN Watch and so on......



At a recent Devon and Cornwall Community Watch Association Meeting, Inspector Paul Morgan told the Board that the first Hotel Watch Scheme had already been set up in Exeter, and many hotel managers and proprietors are eager to become involved with Hotel Watch.

Hotel Watch was one of the first “ring round schemes” set up by the Police.

Criminals intending to perpetrate crime in an area would need to stay somewhere and the police were anxious to circulate photos, artist's impressions and descriptions of travelling criminals,  guests who habitually left without paying, and guests who left with property that did not belong to them, to as many hoteliers as possible.


Criminality is changing all the time

And the new HOTEL WATCH arrangements are to take account of this and ensure the best information is  available to staff and management.


Newer Crime trends include:

Cuckooing, where criminals take over a vulnerable person's life and property in order to deal drugs from their address.


These days, criminals rent a room in a hotel, or B & B establishment, pay with cash, do what they have come to do and move off, so a fixed address is now no longer necessary.


Paul said that another trend that has emerged is  POP UP BROTHELS, and once again,

it is  unsuspecting hotels that can be used to enable this activity.

It has now become necessary to make sure that all hotel staff are aware of signs of modern slavery, all types of exploitation and drug using and dealing.

In big cities, Airbnb accommodation is very easy to find, and this type of accommodation  is also being used.


Paul said that all such schemes in Devon and Cornwall will need to come under DaCCWA.  Ideally, hoteliers should be able to go to the local Watch Offices for advice, and each scheme will have to be linked in with the local policing teams.


The new Hotel Watch scheme supports the Prevent Agenda, and  potentially will provide a link to the Government's Prevent website.





The TORQUAY Neighbourhood Police team have celebrated the first anniversary of Operation Commonwealth, which is a local response to the supply of controlled substances. Over the past  12 months, 35 search warrants have been used to enter premises and an estimated £97.000 of controlled substances have been seized and disposed of. Several people have been prosecuted and others remain under investigation. Much of the information that is used to support these activities comes from the community. Without  your efforts in taking an interest about what is occurring in your Neighbourhoods, our efforts would be somewhat limited.


Much of our time currently is focused on activities in the Town Centre, trying to challenge the anti-social and criminal behaviour of a few individuals. With the Council's ASB team we have had some success, currently having one individual banned from a certain road on Court Bail conditions, and another banned from a wider areas through a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO). A great deal of work goes into achieving these outcomes, but they are effective.


The local Torquay Neighbourhood team is somewhat reduced at the moment, due to abstractions and people moving on, but we hope to have some good news soon, especially around our PCSO numbers and I will cover this in next month's updates.


The help and support that you provide is invaluable for our activities. Many thanks for everything you do.

Torquay Sector Inspector Ian Stevens.


Brixham and Paignton.

In June, the Torbay Police Cadets were sworn in,  completing their first patrols in Paignton and Brixham on 20th June. They are a goup of 21 young people, keen to serve the communities of Torbay and will be taking on problem solving issues in the Bay in the future, as well as attending local events to assist the Police in crime prevention and community engagement. They are actively seeking projects to get involved in as they gather experience in their new roles.


Op Olymipic continues with Brixham and Paignton Officers conducting drugs warrants and proactive policing operations with the use of Police drugs dogs. Intelligence is the key and information on drug dealing and supply is vital in our efforts to target offenders.


Anti-Social behaviour is at a low level, but continues in the Elizabth and Bank Lane areas.

Anti-Social behaviour in Paignton Town Centre and seafront such as begging also contiues.

We are targeting individuals with positive action and CBOs.


With the ongoing building of new housing in Paignton and Brixham, there is temptation for thieves to target building sites to steal tools and building materials and passing patrols are a priority for the neighbourhood team.


Much work is going in Paignton and Brixham with vulnerable persons who are victims of cuckooing and modern day slavery that might not be immediatley visible.


We have 20 neighbourhood Officers for Paignton and Brixham, including myself, with one vacant post in Preston which is currently being advertised, so hopefully, we will be back to full strength soon.


Brixham and Paignton Sector Inspector Howard Brugge.


 Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch is one of the largest crime prevention organisations in England and Wales with 2 – 3 million members.

When Neighbourhood Watch began, it was described by the Police as “our eyes and ears” and very little has changed over the years.

In order to stop crime happening, the Police STILL need information from the public.

Report suspicious activity, EVERY TIME YOU SEE IT, no matter how often that may be, and give as much information as you can, a description of those involved no matter how sketchy, direction of travel and time and date of the incident.

Doorstep scammers TARGET vulnerable people.

It is easy to spot where a vulnerable person lives, the garden may look neglected, broken gates and fences remain unmended for many weeks, and curtains in some rooms may remain closed, so please keep an eye on those in your road who are vulnerable, especially those that live alone.


PLEASE REMEMBER that the Feel Safe Scheme is always there to help vulnerable people FEEL SAFE IN THEIR OWN HOMES.

Tell us if you think that the Scheme can help someone you know.


To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch and the Feel Safe Scheme:-

TELEPHONE: 01803 218180 (please leave a message)




The Crime Map for your area can be found on these sites:


Find out what's going on in your area: Torquay Police (@TorquayNHT) ] Twitter

                                                                     Paignton Police (@PaigntonNHT) ] Twitter

                                                                           Brixham Police (@BrixhamNHT} 1 Twitter

Not just any car,

                       YOUR CAR:- Are the WINDOWS shut?   

                                                    Are the DOORS locked?

                                                      Have you HIDDEN your valuables?



Useful information
Contacting Police- non emergency  telephone 101
                                 emergency telephone 999

Crimestoppers – to report a crime anonymously 0800 555 111
Anti-Social Behaviour – telephone 01803 208025

                                          email –

Noisy Neighbours – telephone 01803 208025


Enviromental Issues – 01803 701318

Domestic Abuse – 01803 698869


Fraud and Cyber Crime – 0300 103 2040

Trading Standards – 01803 208025

                                     email – trading .

Anti Terrorism hot -line 0800 780321